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A new course to support former vocational Classical and Modern dancers.  Bridging the gap from being a student to becoming a professional dancer.

Not all students are ready mentally or physically to find work in the professional world  and most usually need more time to understand their own individuality and strengths. This program allows trainees to  develop their confidence through performance experience,  by  being part of The International Ballet School's,  JNR Company.


Our Trainee Professional course includes:-


Classical ballet 2 hours morning class


Pilates specifically for dancers


Modern Technique




Choreography created specifically for trainees by professional choreographers 


 Choreographic composition &  workshop , with the opportunity to perform trainees own work to a public audience


Repertoire - Male and Female variations


Studying Corps De Ballet and Character corps work from renowned companies


Pas de Deux




Classical mime


Lectures -

Dance history,



Economy ( helping to understand how to handle money when one starts working),

Company research ( looking into different companies both Modern and Classical from around the world)

Make up classes


Close mentorship of current and former professional dancers from a range of national & international companies


Daily schedule 10:00-15:30

Saturdays 10:00-15:00

Quarterly Sunday performances.


The Goal and Mission.


We believe in building Artists with a well-rounded foundation in both genres of Ballet and Modern, both equally as important as the other. Building students not only strong in body but in mind too. To also help navigate not just young artists but also young adults, who are able to stand or dance on their own in the future.

Accomodation can be arranged at Unity Kista Campus


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