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IBS produces original world-class choreographed ballets for its recreational, pre-professional and JNR ballet company dancers. Our ballets are designed to bring the joy and wonderment of live classical ballet performance to audiences of all ages including small children, and to honour the performing arts tradition. Created inside our studios and on theatre stages, we teach our students how a ballet is created and developed, produced and performed together with world class choreographers and directors. From original stage sets and designed costumes to performing a role before audiences, IBS ballet dancers of all ages learn to work together and perform with adult, JNR company and professional guest ballet dancers to tell a story of ballet together. 

We are proud to work with IBS choreographers Arsen Mehrabyan and Anthony Lomuljo, as well as our staff of professional dancers.

To be announced! 

You are invited to the premiere performance of the Sthlm City Ballet Company. 

This new IBS dance company will push the boundaries of classical ballet and promote greater opportunities for all dancers in Sweden and abroad. All productions are for a mature audience and will focus on new movement and what it can bring to the cultural climate in Sweden, nationally and abroad. 

Premiere! To be announced!

Book tickets for Premiere in Spring 2023

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