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By paying the course fee you are registering and agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

  1. Registration is legally binding unless it is withdrawn in compliance with the rules of Right of Withdrawal. Right of Withdrawal entitles you to cancel your registration by notifying The International Ballet School of your intention to cancel within 14 days of the day that you received your confirmation of registration. If you have not received a confirmation of registration but only a course notification, the right of withdrawal applies within 14 days of the day that you received the course notification.

  2. Once the course has started no refund will be issued if the student withdraws from the course. 

  3. If a student withdraws from a course that has started due to an unforeseeable medical issue that prevents their ability to continue attending the course or deferring to a later date. A medical certificate must be sent to the Director who will take every case into consideration with regards to the issuing of refunds. Where applicable; the remaining portion of your course fee will be refunded, less the cost of any course materials.

  4. Any medical condition must be disclosed to The International Ballet School upon registration and thereafter, where applicable.

  5. It is important any learning difficulties are disclosed in order for The International Ballet School to provide appropriate support to the student.

  6. The main method of communication with The International Ballet School is via email. It is essential and the responsibility of all students to ensure that email addresses given to the school are valid and kept up to date. Inboxes MUST be checked regularly for communication sent by The International Ballet School. It is the responsibility of all students ( in the case of minors, their parents/guardian) to ensure that ALL COMMUNICATION sent by The International Ballet School is read and that all instructions are followed.


  1. The International Ballet School does not refund classes that have been missed due to illness, injuries, accidents or holidays.  Substitute lessons may be arranged, where applicable and on a case by case basis. 

  2. Once the course fee has been paid and the term has begun refunds are not permissible. The course fee may be adjusted in cases when advance notice of absence has been provided to The International Ballet School, prior to the start of term.

  3. In the event that The International Ballet School is forced to cancel a course before the first class, you are entitled to a full refund of the course fee.

  4. “Force majeur”, classes cancelled by The International Ballet School, due to an act of God i.e pandemic, weather etc. The International Ballet School offers a substitute class or an online alternative. No refunds will be issued.

  5. All private classes require 24 hour notice of cancellation; otherwise a fee of 50% of the lesson is charged to the student. Classes that are missed will be charged at the full rate of 100% of the class fee. 

  6. Any class that falls below the minimum number of participants (5) may be cancelled at the discretion of The International Ballet School.

  7. Failure to pay the course fee before the start of term means that the student is not able to participate. 



You can read more about how we process personal data here.


  1. Students are obliged to provide for their own health and liability insurance, and where necessary provide proof of said insurance to The International Ballet School

  2. We have a policy for eating disorders. In the event of  student being underweight or doubts about the health of a student , we will ask for a doctor’s certificate.


  1.  During classes and performances, videos and photography may be taken by and remains the property of, The International Ballet School. By registering for a course the student or in the case of minors (their parent/guardian) agrees to the use of their image for promotional and marketing purposes, this includes all social media platforms as well as print media and The International Ballets website. If you do not wish for your image to be used, please contact The International Ballet School. 

  2. Video or photography taken by friends or family may only be used for private use and should respect the privacy of other students.



  1. Are not mandatory, however students are required to notify The International Ballet School immediately prior to enrollment, if they are not able to perform. The case is then considered at the discretion of the Director of The International Ballet School.

  2. Students are required to adhere to the performance schedule, this applies to both the schedule on the day of the performance and all subsequent rehearsals schedules. General rehearsals are mandatory and must be attended.



  1. All communication sent by The International Ballet School, must be read and all instructions followed.

  2. Students must wear the correct uniform as directed by the teacher. The International Ballet School t-shirt may be worn during class times. No jewellry is permitted and hair should be neatly groomed, long hair should be worn up and away from the face - preferably in a ballet bun. 

  3. Uniform can be purchased from, Dansbutiken Gamla Brogatan 34. A discount is available to all students.

  4. The International Ballet School reserves the right to alter the timetable, venue and fees. Notice will be given, where possible.

  5. The International Ballet School may on occasion introduce regulations to improve the running of the school. All students shall be expected to adhere to these in full and duly accept the revised terms. 

  6. The director reserves the right to terminate any student's enrollment without notice or refund. We expect all students and parents/guardians to conduct themselves in a manner that shows respect to one another, staff and volunteers. Bullying or abusive language will not be tolerated and may lead to the termination of the students enrollment, in which case no refund will be issued.

  7. Students should respect the premises and equipment by using the bins provided for any rubbish, not hanging on the barres, playing with tools or banging the mirrors. Students should also respect the noise level outside the premises, out of respect for the neighbours. 

  8. The International Ballet School’s ethos is creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment. No prejudice of any kind will be tolerated.

  9. The International Ballet School likes to contribute to the environment and encourages students to bring a refillable water bottle.


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