Recreational Line

It is never too late to start ballet or pick up from where you left off. Are you at the start of your ballet journey, a professional or somewhere in between? The International Ballet School has classes for you. Train once a week or push yourself  to reach your full potential, and train several time a week. 

We believe that ballet should be fun and accessible to all, and here at The International Ballet School - we mean it. Our ethos is about seeing each dancer as an individual and training them accordingly.

Have you always wanted to learn to do a pirouette or go en pointe, we say that if you are committed we will help you to unlock your potential and fufill your dreams.

Our Adult Recretional line is founded upon the rich heritage of British Ballet, with a focus on the teaching of ballet in a holistic and nurturing environment.


Adult Absolute Beginners is open for students from 15 years to 100 years. A gentle beginners class for those without any previous ballet experience. Students will learn the basic ballet positions, as well as the gain a good foundation in the fundamental terms and movements. 

Train twice a week 


Ideal for the student that has taken at least 2 terms of beginners ballet or the student that danced as a young child. This gentle class builds on the basics and progresses from there.

Train twice a week

Train Levels1 & 2


Building on previous experience gained from Beginners Level 1 or similar. Emphasis on musicality and maintaining form.  

 familiar with basic ballet terminology and be able to execute basic combinations. Progressing on from the Level 1 course, students will build on previous knowledge and develop artistry and musicality. 

Train twice a week Level 2 and Pre-Foundation


Adult Pre-Foundation prepares the student for the next level. No longer training at the beginner level, this class prepares students for more difficult steps and focusses on technique, use of breath, placement, co-ordinaton, musicality and artistry.

Train twice a week at Pre - Foundation and Foundation Level


Adult Foundation is a class for adults who have some ballet experience of at least once per week.
We cover a full class at a steady pace with basic combinations to focus on “how” to deliver exercises and focussing on the breath and how to utilise it within combinations. Students have the opportunity to break down the more difficult steps.

Train several times a week Foundation and Foundation Plus


Adult Foundation Plus a higher level and slightly faster paced class requiring students to use all that has been learnt up till now and put it to use. 


Adult Intermediate is a higher level class working through combinations at a faster pace, whilst focusing on correct placement. Emphasis is placed on the coordination of upper body and lower body. Students begin to feel the expressiveness of dance.
We recommend at least three times per week experience in ballet classes.


A pointe barre class aimed at students with experience of training at least 3 times a week as well as several years of experience dancing en pointe. 


980kr per hour 

840 per hour for  students of the International Ballet School*

No matter where you are in your ballet journey our team are able to mentor and coach you towards your future  goals.

We do not just coach technique but are also on call for support and advice for future goals. If you are in need of guidance then feel free to get in touch and book a session with one of us. 

*24 hour cancellation policy applies

Students refers to anyone enrolled for a course


Whether you want to add a class to complement your ballet training or wish to train like a dancer.

Our ballet fit line offers conditioning classes for you.


Train like a ballet dancer, this class is the ideal complement to your ballet training or as a stand alone. A gentle pilates class at the introductory level offers a combination of strengthening and conditioning.